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Daniel Stonier ros.discourse at gmail.com
Tue Jan 24 16:12:48 UTC 2017

5) Binary releases only

I understand the points about packaging and they are well made.

Putting that to the side for the moment - I am concerned what may happen if there is no barrier to posting.  In their excitement, it may become inundated by posts from devs who may have no serious inclination towards maintenance nor raising it to a reasonable level of usability/quality. Nothing wrong with such exuberance, I like to see that in an open source dev, but it could make it unusable for various groups who need the category. I've been running a team for the last three years working on next-gen products, and I would not have had the time to delegate on testing N 'promising' releases to find the one that is actually at a point where we'd jump in and contribute/use. As such, my perspective is somewhere in the middle. I imagine the bar would be different for a product team (high) and again for a research lab (low).

For me, packaging was a sign that this is usually maintained, has activity on the issue trackers, has dealt with the small problems like install rules and such. Of course, doesn't make much sense if packages and source maintainers are separate.

Perhaps we can make use of tags to assist here, e.g. 'binary-release', 'source-release', 'developed', '<1.0', '1.x', and worst case scenario, put a human(s) in the loop to help check tags/veto low-level or plain noisy announcements.

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