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Tully Foote ros.discourse at gmail.com
Mon Jan 30 06:33:49 UTC 2017

[quote="rmattes, post:12, topic:1179"]
There's not likely to be any package name changes between f25 and f26, so things like rosdep keys should still work normally.  It would likely be safe to target f26 with the buildsystem metadata even before it's released.  Fedora 26 will officially start to "exist" at the end of February when it's branched from rawhide - at that point, there will be f26 repositories, mock configurations, buildsystem configurations, container images, etc., making it possible to build against it in a pre-alpha state.

If things will be stabilized by February and we don't expect any changes leading up to that then it sounds like supporting 26 would be fine. I thought that it might be later in the the release cycle.

[quote="rmattes, post:12, topic:1179"]
I will note that Fedora has a system called copr, which is similar to Ubuntu PPAs.  I set up a gazebo-latest copr some time ago, to keep the latest version of Gazebo available in Fedora releases.  I kind of let it slip for a while, but I am planning on building gazebo 8 in the copr for all released Fedora versions.  It may be easier to point users to that repository than to package it separately.

If we do need to start building packages we will also want to setup a standard repository for rpms on the ros.org domain like we have for debian family packages. Presumably we can import from resources like the copr repos.

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