[ros-users] [Discourse.ros.org] [Humanoids] JSK's use of humanoids

Dave Kotfis ros.discourse at gmail.com
Mon Jul 3 16:08:38 UTC 2017

Let's start a new thread to discuss the revival and extentions to humanoid_msgs. It seems like Vigor's StepTarget.msg has parameters that more closely match what most groups are commonly using.

An RVIz plugin sounds like a great idea! Most packages are using Visualization Markers for footsteps, but that has been pretty limited in my opinion.

As for humanoid kinematics/dynamics, it seems like [Simox VirtualRobot](https://gitlab.com/Simox/simox/wikis/home) is a lightweight and actively maintained library that has these calculations. There is an example ZMP preview controller based on it https://github.com/TheMarex/libbipedal.

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