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Dave Kotfis ros.discourse at gmail.com
Mon Jul 3 16:54:02 UTC 2017

This thread is to discuss a new set of standard message definitions for humanoid robots. The current standard is humanoid_msgs, but it is not widely adopted and is currently limited to bipedal footstep planning/execution.

As a starting point, I will propose modifications to StepTarget.msg to extend functionality for 3D terrain, and include commonly used step parameters:

 # Target for a single stepping motion of a humanoid's leg
geometry_msgs/Pose pose   # step pose as relative offset to last leg
uint8 swing_leg                      # which leg to use (left/right, see below)
float32 swing_duration          # the duration spent in single support phase
float32 step_duration            # the duration spend in double support phase 
float32 swing_height             # the max height of the swing foot relative to the stance foot

uint8 RIGHT_LEG=0 
uint8 LEFT_LEG=1

@k-okada @stumpf Could JSK and Vigir footstep planning be made compatible with something like this?

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