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Isaac I. Y. Saito ros.discourse at gmail.com
Fri Jul 14 16:53:16 UTC 2017

Just for even more completeness,

ros.org generously hosts large files. [As documented](http://wiki.ros.org/DevelopersGuide#Large_data_files.2C_Large_test_files), it's primarily for files for testing, so `.bag` is a perfect example. No fancy features as discussed in this thread (don't get me wrong. I'm thumbing up) but I assume it's safe to expect to last as long as ros.org does.


If not inappropriate (I'm afraid it is so don't be hesitate NOT to answer), can I ask funding for your server?
While shared bag files are useful for some people who are working on projects (i.e. temporary), another important usecase is for testing like continuous integration, which can be endless.

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