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William Woodall ros.discourse at gmail.com
Wed Jul 19 00:18:13 UTC 2017

#### Are you working on adding or porting a feature to ROS 2?

Let everyone know by posting here!

#### Are you interested in working on a missing package or feature in ROS 2, but you're unsure if anyone is already working on it?

Ask here!


# Please read the rules below before posting to this thread!


### What is this thread for?

This thread is meant to be a place where people can announce what they're working on so that people working on ROS 2 related things can find one another.

We've seen that different groups who are experimenting with ROS 2 are duplicating work and don't know about one another, so hopefully this thread will be useful for discovery within the community.

Hopefully it will also be useful for people to find out what others have already done and where development is focused at the moment.


### Rules

I'd like to try and keep some ground rules for this thread to keep it succinct and browsable. We'll see how it works out and adjust if necessary.

- Try to only post once per project/effort, and link to a another discourse post or GitHub issue to continue in depth discussions
  - Update the first post (rather than post new comments with updates) if you want to keep current details there
- Feel free to express interest in a topic or in porting a ROS 1 feature/package or to ask if anyone else is already working on it, but try to keep the back and forth short, preferring to split off into a separate Discourse thread or GitHub issue once you've connected with one another.
- Try to avoid long discussions about unifying overlapping efforts, preferring to create a new discourse thread instead, linking to it from this thread.
- Before asking if a feature is in ROS 2, check the announcements, Roadmap, and Documentation first. You should not use this thread for a casual "does ROS 2 do X yet?". Only post here if you're pretty sure it's not in ROS 2 yet, but you're interested in helping make it happen and looking for peers to work with.
  - https://github.com/ros2/ros2/wiki/Roadmap
  - https://github.com/ros2/ros2/wiki/Features
  - http://docs.ros2.org

Hopefully these rules will keep this more of an announcement bulletin board like thing, rather than pages on pages of memoranda.

I'll probably be moderating (removing comments, sticky-ing things if I can, and/or updating this top post) to help keep it easy to consume.


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