[ros-users] [Discourse.ros.org] [TurtleBot] Is Turtlebot the right platform for us?

Pito Salas ros.discourse at gmail.com
Thu Jun 8 14:10:45 UTC 2017


> The assembly instruction is provided four language including English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean. The main language is English. you can check this Assembly Manual

Double check the link. I dont think it has more than a few pages of English. Or just send me the pdf to avoid any misunderstanding!

> When you get the new TurtleBot3, OpenCR has latest firmware but other boards(Raspberry Pi 3 or Intel Joule) doesn't have operating system. So, we provide all setup process in TurtleBot3 wiki pages. Users can easily follow this procedures.
> The OpenCR is ROS embedded system. The development environment for OpenCR is wide open from Arduino IDE for students.

What does the ROS embedded system do? Does it mean that I dont try to run ROS on the Arduino?

> Shipping will start August 1, you can receive it in the order you ordered. We will try to deliver as soon as possible.

Can you give me a realistic estimate, because I actually need it on July 1 for my course. How much after Aug 1 do you guess?



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