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Taehoon Lim(Darby) ros.discourse at gmail.com
Thu Jun 8 02:56:37 UTC 2017

Hi again!! :grin:

The assembly instruction is provided four language including English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean. The main language is English. you can check this [Assembly Manual](http://turtlebot3.robotis.com/en/latest/hardware.html#assembly-manual)

When you get the new TurtleBot3, OpenCR has latest firmware but other boards(Raspberry Pi 3 or Intel Joule) doesn't have operating system. So, we provide all setup process in [TurtleBot3 wiki pages](http://turtlebot3.robotis.com/en/latest/sbc_software.html). Users can easily follow this procedures.

The [OpenCR](http://turtlebot3.robotis.com/en/latest/appendix_opencr.html) is ROS embedded system. The development environment for OpenCR is wide open from Arduino IDE for students.

TurtleBot3 burger has Raspberry Pi 3 and TurtleBot3 waffle has Intel Joule board. If you order TurtleBot3 burger, you can take all components, Dynamixel, OpenCR, Lidar sensor and Raspberry Pi 3.

Shipping will start August 1, you can receive it in the order you ordered. We will try to deliver as soon as possible.

Some people struggle for installation of ROS. So we prepare [script file](http://turtlebot3.robotis.com/en/latest/pc_software.html#first-method). This file will help them.

ROS is open source community during 10 years. It has [official website](http://answers.ros.org/questions/) and many [github issuse pages](https://github.com/ROBOTIS-GIT/turtlebot3/issues) for support users. It might be help you when you have any errors during operating robot.


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