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Daniel Stonier ros.discourse at gmail.com
Mon Jun 26 02:20:57 UTC 2017

Aye, there's a few floating around. Perhaps I can throw in a bit of a summary. Authors please feel free to embellish/correct me if I get something wrong!

 Pat Goebel had the closest thing to what we needed with his pi trees. He was using it for his textbook and while it was a nice start, it was not as comprehensive as we would have liked. I also wanted to build it around python generators, so had a chat with him and decided to take inspiration from what he had and move it forward with py_trees. 

@facontidavide was already starting work on his when we started, but there wasn't much in his repo yet, and was in c++ targeting robot control. A bit orthogonal to our needs.

[FlexBE](http://philserver.bplaced.net/fbe/) looks great, and honestly I never did try it. At the time I was caught in the whiplash of trying to use SMACH to control the entire robot (which it really isn't designed for) and was not keen to try another *custom* framework. Behaviour trees have worked for games and it seemed prudent to give that a good run before using or reinventing yet another framework. We were more than pleased with the result.

Alison from TRI also recently started a python behaviour trees framework (I am not sure if it is open yet). It doesn't yet have as many bells and whistles, but it was reassuring to find that she ended up making a few similar decisions along the way. That one might be worth integrating with if it is (or will be) open.

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