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Rohan Agrawal ros.discourse at gmail.com
Thu Mar 2 17:26:08 UTC 2017

This is pretty cool! I agree with Vincent that robot human interaction is important, but unfortunately mostly ignored.

Since it seems that you want to use this project as an opportunity for learning ROS, there are a few things you could do to become for situated with ROS, also while integrating your code better. Ordered roughly in order of difficulty. 

* Put your node in a catkin package, this allows it be be run/launched with rosrun and roslaunch, as well as depend on your node from their own packages.
* Write a demo roslaunch file, which could for example run both the simulator and your node
* Use ROS parameters instead of command line args, this way your node can be configured the same ways as other nodes
* You could also try separating out detection of words and the actions in separate nodes. The speech recognition node can be given a dictionary at start and publish `std_msgs/Strings` to a node that moves the robot based on the commands. This way people can swap out parts, such as using Web-based speech instead of pocketsphinx, or using a natural language processing node instead of a simple dictionary one

This list is merely some suggestions for using this project to lean. Anyway, this is list is already getting quite a ways up on the ROS learning curve, and will put you well on the way to becoming comfortable with ROS. If you run into any issues, I, and I'm sure others in the ROS community will be glad to help.


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