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Kei Okada ros.discourse at gmail.com
Tue Mar 14 13:56:03 UTC 2017

'Support for non-ASCII strings in messages / services' seems interesting for me, but quick example shows it seems working. Am I missing something?
I heard: [Hello World: 130]
I heard: [Hello World: 131]
I heard: [Hello World: 132]
I heard: [: 1]
I heard: [: 2]
I heard: [: 3]

I do not think this is short term goal, but IDE/UML/Documentation integration would be an important feature on ROS2 as it support life-cycle management of the component, and I'm just thinking about start discussion with @gbiggs  because he should have experience on this topic with OpenRTM, which I did not realize the importance of this feature 5 years ago.

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