[ros-users] [Discourse.ros.org] [OpenEmbedded] Anyone using roslaunch to load remote nodes?

Lars Larsen ros.discourse at gmail.com
Tue Mar 28 09:41:24 UTC 2017


Is anyone using roslaunch remote ? If so what are your git status's ?
I based every thing on Yocto branch _morty_.

When I ecxecute a rosluanch file to launch some nodes on remote machines I get 

    started roslaunch server
    remote[Computer_3-0] starting roslaunch
    remote[Computer_3-0]: creating ssh connection to Computer_3:22
    remote[Computer_3-0]: failed to launch on ROW3:

    pycrypto is not installed

    [Computer_3-0] killing on exit 

there must be some inconsistencies in the checked out versions and branches I am using.

But what is the right combination of things ?
what is working for you ?

python-pycrypto  is not present in meta-python before  a625494863b70f13ca29b4b0322fbfd5a8a073d9 at meta-openembedded 
and that commit is not yet present in branch: _morty_

* What are you doing ?
* Is it advisable to back port python-pycrypto ?
* or hack my way out of it with a .bb or  .bbappend ? 

I prefer to stay on the _morty_ branch since it's the current Yocto version.
I tried a checkout of master at meta-openembeded but that spawned a zillion python errors

BR. Lars Larsen

here is my git status's:

>     meta              
>     meta-poky         
>     meta-yocto-bsp    = "morty:6a1f33cc40bfac33cf030fe41e1a8efd1e5fad6f"
>     meta-linaro       = "morty:69a8bac680362906c9d261424c62749f7e555ca2"
>     meta-ros          = "master:8a3adc1a6542f2c8a40b36021a78dc1057e3ed08"
>     meta-fpe          
>     meta-overloads    = "develop:fe0c15311c1d38698e57556c0da869743d7c91e9"
>     meta-networking   
>     meta-oe           
>     meta-python       = "morty:fe5c83312de11e80b85680ef237f8acb04b4b26e"

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