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Kyle ros.discourse at gmail.com
Fri May 12 17:37:37 UTC 2017

[quote="jacob, post:14, topic:1612"]
- working in a small team (dev team having access to in-house snaps)
- installing in-house snaps on robots at the factory floor (ie. snaps not accessible public unless authorized)

Indeed, I'd say both of these can probably be satisfied by private snaps (which gives you updates) or just using `--extra-snaps` (which doesn't give you updates because there's no store in the loop).

[quote="jacob, post:14, topic:1612"]
- deployed robots can received updates automatically (no end-user interaction required)

To clarify, deployed in this case meaning not in-house? i.e. to customers? Indeed, private snaps won't scale, and `--extra-snaps` won't update. In this case, assuming you want to continue to keep those snaps private from the general public, a brand store will probably be easiest. It still uses Canonical's hosted store, so you don't need to maintain anything. If you _want_ it onsite, that's the other option, but unless that's a requirement for you I'd say it's just more work :P .

Want me to put a post together discussing these three options (`--extra-snaps`, private, and brand stores)?

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