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Thu Oct 5 15:33:58 UTC 2017

With this post I'd like to update the ROS and ROS-Industrial communities on the first two [ROSIN](http://rosin-project.eu) grants that have been awarded.


Two European companies have received the first [ROSIN](http://rosin-project.eu) grants. The ROSIN [Focused-Technical Projects](http://rosin-project.eu/ftps) (FTPs) program funds robot software developments that contribute to the ROS-Industrial open-source community.

Ensenso GmbH (Germany) has received a grant of  15,000 to create a standardised ROS driver package for their Ensenso series of stereo cameras. Ensenso will continue the development and support of this driver and will support their customers looking to use ROS with their products.

Robot Care Systems (the Netherlands) has received  52,000 to consolidate and open-source a robotics modelling language that is modular and extendable by users and allows to program robots in ROS at a more abstract and standardised level. Model driven design, code generation and automated documentation generation help developers increase productivity.

![RCS receives grant at Mikrocentrum-Alten event: ROS-Industrial: advancing robotics in industry|598x336](upload://tTu56eegLQwKghiS5ACzOW57Cfw.jpg)

The ROSIN project is offering more than  3,000,000 in grants for robotic open-software development, documentation efforts, code audits and analyses and standardisation and integration efforts. The goal is to increase the ROS and ROS-Industrial codebase with tools to create more and "smarter" robot capabilities. The ROSIN call for FTPs is permanently open, and new applications are being evaluated periodically. Grants awarded may have a maximum of  100,000 per FTP, with a total of  250,000 over three projects.

The application and granting process is simple:

  1. Download the [Applicants Guide](https://rosin-ftps.fluidreview.com/pm/resource/eyJoZnJlIjogOTMxMzM5NTMsICJ2cSI6IDc2NDc2fQ/)
  1. Explain the purpose of your Focused technical Project and provide a clear work plan (approximately 5 pages)
  1. Submit your proposal at [rosin-project.eu/ftps](http://rosin-project.eu/ftps)
  1. Your proposal is evaluated in a few weeks by robotic experts
  1. Receive your grant and start your project immediately

More information can be found at [rosin-project.eu/ftps](http://rosin-project.eu/ftps), and for any questions please contact us at [info at rosin-project.eu](mailto:info at rosin-project.eu).

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