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Sat Oct 7 10:44:19 UTC 2017

[quote="asmodehn, post:23, topic:2405"]
And you can also write a package for the specific nodes you need. I started doing that for my own needs in https://github.com/pyros-dev/pyros-test.

I plan to put generic test nodes which act as *dummy* or *fake* nodes (according to the [general terminology of test doubles in software engineering](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Test_double#Types_of_test_doubles)) into a package **rosfake**.

(It makes sense to put *spy* and *mock* nodes into a package **rosmock**. However to get something like that generic is not easy because e.g. the package depends on the test framework used to assert.)

What license do you use for [pyros-test](https://github.com/pyros-dev/pyros-test)?

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