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Mon Oct 9 19:14:04 UTC 2017

Here is a link to the Micro Tractor wiki:

Join us for our online meeting.  We will be discussing options for automating their tractor with ROS using a RaspberryPi.

Tue Oct 10, 2017 6pm  7pm Pacific Time

Click the following link to join the meeting from your computer: https://meet.jit.si/UneasyCowsPursueFinely

Just want to dial in on your phone?

Call one of the following numbers: 
Australia: +61.8.7150.1136
Brazil: +55.21.3500.0112
France: +
Germany: +49.89.380.38719
Japan: +81.3.4510.2372
Spain: +34.932.205.409
UK: +44.121.468.3154
US: +1.512.402.2718

If you would like to join the Slack channel discussion please email matt at rosagriculture.org.

[Visit Topic](https://discourse.ros.org/t/ros-a-microtractor-build-with-open-source-ecology/2830/2) or reply to this email to respond.

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