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Takashi Ogura ros.discourse at gmail.com
Tue Sep 12 06:59:02 UTC 2017

Thank you for trying.

I want to try your URDF to check urdf-viz.

I tried almost all *_descrpition packages on Ubuntu16.04, kinetic.
for example,

* pr2_description/
* pepper_description/
* nao_description/
* [nextage_description/](https://github.com/tork-a/rtmros_nextage/tree/indigo-devel/nextage_description)

and other projects...

but I think this is not enough. (kinetic has less packages than indigo.)

If you can publish your model, or give me your description package to me, I can help you.

urdf-viz failed to show thormang3 model which was released for kinetic.
Below change shows why it failed.


The crate which is used to parse URDF, which is `urdf-rs`, is stricter than normal ROS urdf parse programs (and it is difficult to debug).
It does not allow multiple elements which should be only one.

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