[ros-users] [Discourse.ros.org] [Next Generation ROS] Dashboard of ROS2 next focus and high priority for upcoming release or next direction

Ethan Gao ros.discourse at gmail.com
Wed Sep 20 03:59:21 UTC 2017

The ros2 beta3 has been released recently, and the community ultimately know what's included in it now and thank u for your great contribution :+1: . 
However, what's the features which are planned for the next release on Dec 13th, 2017 ? I'm curious whether there's a place to make clear what's the current focus and high priority for the next of ROS2 for ROS users,  I try to find and unfortunately I failed to get this kind of information :frowning: , so how about a dashboard to get the ROS users/developers aligned about the ROS2 current focus and high priority to be more efficient to contribute on the same page ?  and this also benefits the newcomer to spend a lot time/effort to make clear the ROS2 next direction from various scattered information while ROS community gets larger and larger, for example, from the long discussion thread of each component of ROS2 github.

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