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Sun Apr 1 10:23:43 UTC 2018

[quote="gavanderhoorn, post:2, topic:3926"]
Do you have any particular direction in mind you want to take these pages?

To stick to a pattern format for a single "suggestions/recommendation" is the only thing one should consider right now w.r.t. contribution. (More and more books adapt to this format... even if you don't always recognize it. E.g. all the "cookbook" style books implement a lightweight kind of easy to read pattern format.) As soon as a reasonable aount of patterns have been collected they can be categorized for easier navigation. In my experience there are usually more than 1 categorization scheme but this can be addressed e.g. if one uses different categorization schemes as table of content style referencing. E.g. there could be a categorization scheme according to "quality attributes" (reliability, security, etc.) which could reference some same patterns as a categorization scheme "software development lifecycle" (requirement engineering phase, design phase, implementation phase, etc.).

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