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### A Guide for Teaching ROS with No Hassle
(Download the free e-book here: http://www.theconstructsim.com/teach-ros-effectively-v1/)

**ROS**  is a very powerful system that  **allows the standardization and normalization of algorithms for robots** . But at the same time, it is a difficult framework to learn. Even if there are many good tutorials around, the novelty of the concepts is hard for students.

In this document, we propose you a method for teaching ROS fast **with little or no hassle for the teacher nor for the students**, and show you how to change your ROS classes from passive listening to active practicing.

The method consists of going straight to the core ROS subjects and discards the rest. Also relies on tons of practice (with robots). We have divided the rest of the document into three parts:

 **1.**  The theory behind the method

 **2.**  How to manually implement the theory for your own courses

 **3.**  How to use an already working system online

This guide is ideal for teachers who may need to prepare a syllabus for a summer ROS course, for a future semester, or for a robotics programming course.

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