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William Woodall ros.discourse at gmail.com
Thu Feb 1 23:35:22 UTC 2018

[quote="gavanderhoorn, post:16, topic:2620"]
Im a bit worried about the potential confusion for new ROS Answers users. Its already quite difficult to navigate and figure out for newcomers (who appear to use the site the most). Adding more posts  and posts that are about a software framework that bears the same name, but is really rather different  does not seem to improve that situation. Especially with ROS1 packages being ported over to ROS2.

I am too, but I don't see another (better) way to do it. Is there anything else you can think of that we can do to alleviate the concern, other than mandatory tags?

[quote="gavanderhoorn, post:16, topic:2620"]
Perhaps the introduction of the mandatory tags will improve the situation (although properly tagging a question is difficult, especially if youre just starting out).

I'm worried about this too. The only thing I could think of is a help box that describes each briefly and try's to give a hint to the user as to which they might want to pick. We could also have a "i don't know" option which they could pick temporarily and it would let us know that we need to help them figure out which is what.

But at least they're forced to pick if they do happen to know the difference and they're forced to say they don't know at which point it's easy for us to see when they're unsure and prod them until we can recommend which one they're using/talking about.

As to whether or not it helps, I think that the tags have the same benefits/difficulties as a separate answers website. If we had answers.ros2.org I can imagine we'd have ROS 1 questions on there and we'd still get ROS 2 questions on the existing answers.ros.org.

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