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Asmodehn ros.discourse at gmail.com
Sat Feb 10 10:36:24 UTC 2018

In my very personal point of view, software in robotics is moving slower than software in general... and before integrating new concepts into ROS, I would like to see ROS using what is already there in a better way.

In microservices, in the python case like your example developers work hard to write lots of tests, and achieve high coverage, under high load. Primarily because their business value is kinked to the site never being down. 

It is something I have yet to see in robotics. Probably because the internals of a robot are much more opaque to the final user...

Python has a lot of tools and best practices that are not even followed in ROS.

So I think we need to follow what exists in the language we use and where needed add instrumentation and reporting tools to get a better idea of the quality level of some robot software. We need more people to be able to "see" the quality before we can get the resources to address it.

So yep one thread or specific test tool integration or python process conformance might be useful ;-)

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