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tyagikunal ros.discourse at gmail.com
Fri Feb 16 02:22:54 UTC 2018

As discussed previously, ROS package page already list several of the following data. It'd be great if we bring it under a certain topic rather than scatter these everywhere. I've made a list of items which can be used to define the metrics, suggestions are welcome. This list will be dynamic. I'll edit (and repost if required) based on future discussions. I've also created some groupings. Corrections welcome.

* Build [Pass/Fail]  ---> Basic data from the CI tool
* Unit Tests [Pass/Fail] --> This might require more granularity because some tests are more important. Doing this might be possible for some core packages
* Unit Test Crash --> Apparently CI tools can detect and report this already, we just need to showcase it
* Unit Test Coverage [%] --> A diagram showing code test coverage with pass/fail spots like a heatmap (was it codecov that provided it?)
* Static Analysis
    * Code Quality (https://wiki.ros.org/code_quality)
    * Number of Coding Standard errors
* Dynamic Analysis
    * Clang AddressSanitizer and LeakSanitizer ([reference](https://discourse.ros.org/t/input-validation-as-a-metric-for-quality/3732/11?u=tyagikunal))
    * Fuzzy testing by "chaos node" ---> Being discussed along with contracts in ROS. Maybe use pyros-dev or similar tools??

* Status (Maintained, Orphaned, etc.)
* README (not all packages do. Repository != package)
* Wiki (Github/GitLab, etc. if the content isn't on ROS wiki)
* Getting Started (Tutorials & Debugging Common Bugs)
* Sphinx/Doxygen links
* Link to Tagged Questions from answers.ros (as an FAQ)
* Other resources like photo/handdrawn/generated (https://www.planttext.com/) UML diagrams, etc
* User rating/review (maybe for tutorials also, eg: How helpful is this)

For issues, we'll need to access the host (Github, bugzilla) API regarding
* Number of open issues
* Time to close issue
* Activity on issues
* Other status (eg: wont-fix, etc.)

NB: This isn't an exhaustive list or even a final list. I've compiled it based on past discussions.

Current questions:
* Integration tests
* HAROS: What all data to show? Dependency graph, Dependencies of package, packages that depend on this package, etc. There is lots of data
* Coverage for documentation?
* Low Priority: Model-in-loop or hardware-in-loop tests

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