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Rohan Agrawal ros.discourse at gmail.com
Mon Feb 26 16:54:04 UTC 2018

Hello Fellow ROS Users and Developers,

We are excited to announce our fiducial based localization system [fiducials](http://wiki.ros.org/fiducials). 

We love current LIDAR based localization methods, however they require expensive LIDAR for good results. LIDAR methods are also subject to the kidnapped robot problem which is the inability to unambiguously localize _ab-initio_ in spaces which have a similar layout (e.g. if you move your robot to one of many similar offices it will get lost). Common LIDAR localization packages like amcl need to the initialized with a pose estimate on every run, something that can be difficult to do accurately. LIDAR based methods can also be difficult to tune and set up.

Our fiducial localization system enables a robot with a camera to engage in robust unequivocal localization based on pre-placed fiducial markers. The node simultaneously maps and localizes with these markers, and is robust against movements of single fiducials. This robustness is due to the fact that it continuously recomputes both the map of fiducials and the error associated with each fiducial. It then computes the reliability of each fiducial based on the estimate error of each fiducial. The required sensor is inexpensive and the method is relatively simple to set up. We use the Raspberry Pi Camera V2 ($25), but any calibrated camera with a ROS driver will work.

Here is a screenshot of rviz visualizing the fiducial map:

This localization method may be used stand-alone or it can be used as a compliment to more traditional LIDAR methods to create unambiguous localization at all times, using a system like [robot_localization](http://wiki.ros.org/robot_localization).

For creating and detecting fiducial markers we use OpenCVs ArUco module.
More about operation and usage can be found on the [wiki page](http://wiki.ros.org/fiducials)

Have an issue, or an idea for improvement? Open an issue or PR on the [GitHub repo](https://github.com/UbiquityRobotics/fiducials).

This package will be part of the robots that we will release via crowdfunding on Indiegogo at 1 minute past midnight EST on March 10th 2018 (less than 2 weeks from now).

The Ubiquity Robotics Team

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