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Dirk Thomas ros.discourse at gmail.com
Wed Jan 3 16:49:44 UTC 2018

[quote="joq, post:12, topic:2015, full:true"]
I like to see ament support in ROS 1.

In code I have seen, that could significantly reduce the diffs. For example, consider the diffs between the master and ros2 branches of the simple unique_identifier packages.

I agree with you that this would be great to have. But supporting `ament` in ROS 1 implies a tremendous effort which we are not sure atm we can and want to spend. There is no technical reason not to do it - only a problem of available resource. This "feature" could also be contributed by the community which makes it less "necessary" that OSRF is spending its sparse resources on.

As mentioned above with REP 149 implemented you should be able to avoid that part of the diff and maintain the CMake code on a single branch. The CMake would have two sections - one using `catkin` and one using `ament`. You can use common programming language feature to try to deduplicate e.g the list of source files, targets, etc.

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