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Thu Jan 18 03:10:34 UTC 2018

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What is the best way to automate a rebuild upon a sync? Is there some kind of API endpoint to poll?

Right now I am manually re-triggering when I get the email, to ensure that there are no ABI problems. This is probably more than necessary, as this means that I am rebuilding even if none of the dependencies were touched, but its better than breaking packages on user systems.

There's not a recommended way to automatically trigger after a new sync because we recommend that if you're building on top you actually import the packages that you are building on top of into your repository. Reading the documentation for custom repositories, 


We don't call it out well, but there are instructions for setting up the import rule and how to generate the rosdep rules automatically for the imported files.

Part of the reason that there's no standard way to do this sort of triggering is that for any different user there are different thresholds. If you're only using 10 packages those packages may never have changed. If you simply retrigger everything after a manually selected import you can make sure that nothing is incompatible. There is work ongoing to have better compatibility information available in the rosdistro in an update to [the package.xml spec](https://github.com/ros-infrastructure/rep/pull/138).

But even with that I'd generally recommend doing a snapshot import so that you know that you have full control of the packages.

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