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Thu Jan 18 15:36:13 UTC 2018

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Hmmmm, if it is about a python publish, will it work with multiarch enabled Ubuntu box. What I am trying to do is about to install libpython3-dev:arm64 package for python dev headers and libs. However, it seems ament cannot find them in /usr/include or /usr/lib.

Yeah, you'll need `python3-dev:arm64` because it contains the pkgconfig files for Python3 that `ament` uses to "discover" the location of the Python headers and libraries.

The instructions in https://github.com/ros2/ros2/tree/master/arm_crosscompilation use the changes I made to ROS2 to cross-compile it for Android and iOS (i.e. https://github.com/eProsima/Fast-RTPS/pull/26, https://github.com/ros2/rmw_fastrtps/pull/27 and a bunch of others). But if you want to target a Linux distro, it's best to use a rootfs instead since you'll end up with a complete ROS2 environment, I'm going to update the guide in the wiki to reflect that.

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