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Steve Nogar ros.discourse at gmail.com
Thu Jan 25 16:34:09 UTC 2018

This is for a contractor position with the U.S. Army Research Laboratory.

Function: Robotics Research Support Engineer - Support algorithm implementation, proof of concept demonstration and performance evaluation of robotic behaviors on individual and teams of aerial and ground robotic platforms.

About the Position: Supporting robotics research for embodied systems requires integration with the physical form and respecting the constraints (e.g. limitations on motion, force, sensing, communication, computation, etc.) which come with said platforms. The effort and quality of physical and software integration of a robotic testbed has a direct influence on the quality and efficiency of research productivity. The eventual incumbent for this position will fulfill the highly important role of maintaining robotic systems, both from a mechanical and software management perspective, teaming closely with researchers to perform experiments (both in the laboratory and in realistic environments) to evaluate algorithm performance as well as contributing to robotic demonstrations.

Primary Responsibilities: Integrate algorithms on individual and teams of robots and evaluate the quality of performance of the desired behaviors. 

Desired Skills:
- Programming of micro-controllers (e.g Pixhawk, Snapdragon, etc.), including the integration of RF comms, motors / servos, imaging and sensing generally, and data storage.
- Programming / scripting with the Robot Operating Systems (ROS), C/C++ & python
- Comfort trouble shooting and repairing mechanical systems applying some basic machining skills
- Experience with cameras on embedded systems including tasks like visual odometry, object recognition, depth from stereo, etc.

Other Responsibilities:
- Communicate effectively both in writing and verbally 
- Travel and test in real-world setting, including outdoors
- Develop and abide by safe testing protocols

Candidates must be US Citizens capable of obtaining a clearance.

Location: The position is located at the Army Research Laboratory - Aberdeen Proving Ground which is located north of Baltimore Maryland.

Interested individuals should contact Steve Nogar (stephen.m.nogar.ctr at mail.mil)

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