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Tue Jan 30 20:15:43 UTC 2018

[quote="gavanderhoorn, post:2, topic:3838"]
Replying here as a developer: for me the biggest blockers here are time and effort.

Replying here as developer: documenting is no fun!

Replying here as tester: wtf shall I expect if I shall design or write test for that?

Solution: Let your boss decide what to prioritize :)

Real solution: We recently had that discussion as well. Usually both roles care mainly about the public high level view (in the first case its because you forgot what you designed/implemented half a year ago, in the second case its even worse because you could know nothing about the package yet). Then it depends on how broad the public API and how complex the public behavior is. If its quite narrow it shouldn't be a problem to "quick and dirty" sketch some high level diagrams (whatever lightweight UML like format suites the situation) with some GUI tool (usually faster than using `dot` or something similar). I like the [arc42 template (some example)](https://biking.michael-simons.eu/docs/index.html#section-system-scope-and-context) because it encourages to use "business context" diagrams as well.

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