[ros-users] [Discourse.ros.org] [MoveIt!] MoveIt! Maintainer Meeting Recap - July 25th, 2018

Jorge Nicho ros.discourse at gmail.com
Thu Jul 26 19:12:27 UTC 2018


-	Status of ROS Melodic

-	Building Melodic on Kinetic

-	Progress with GSoC students

-	World MoveIt! Day Planning

-	New OMPL interfaces

-	Potential Intel collaborations

-	Switching to reoccurring monthly meeting of shorter length


- Michael v4hn Grner

- Robert Haschke

- Isaac IY Saito

- Jorge Nicho

- Dave Coleman

- Ian McMahon

- Bence Magyar

- Gijs van der Hoorn

- Mike Lautman

- Levi H. Armstrong

- Akiyoshi Ochiai

- Zack Kingston

- Will Baker

- Nathan Brooks

- Matthew K Hansen

- Mark Moll

- Andy McEvoy

- Sharron Liu


1 - Introductions

-	Matthew K Hansen from Intel

-	Zack Kingston from RICE's Kavraki robotics lab

    - Works in MoveIt!, Robonaut 2.0

-	Will Baker from Houson Mechatronics

    - Worked on MoveIt! with Robonaut

-	Nathan Brooks from Picknik

2 - ROS Melodic

-	MoveIt! migration PR still un-reviewed

-	Most users still on kinetic

-	No robot drivers, many packages still behind 

-	API changes in Melodic, pluginlib, TF2(ABI changes) , etc., make it incompatible with ROS- Kinetic. These changes bring ROS Melodic closer to ROS 2.0.

3  GsOC

-	Michael Grner update:  

     - Pull Request on grasping, grasp generation and tutorial.

     - Fixes to MoveIt Grasp Package

     - Detect Object button in Rviz being examined for possible fixes;  it currently does nothing.

-	Andy McEvoy update:

     - Mentoring student Mohamed.

     - Working on new features for the Setup Assistant that work with Gazebo and add improved visualization

     - ROS Control Integration in progress.

     - Grasping screen, not much progress.

-	Mark Moll update:

     - Working on improving CHOMP and STOMP 

     - CHOMP's original implementation is very brittle.

     - MoveiIt! Website now has tutorials on how to setup those planners.

     - CHOMP Author claims that planner has lots of downsides, especially when dealing with obstacles.

     - STOMP optimization framework is very promising, needs repository maintainers to be more responsive.

     - Collision refactoring issue is being addressed, a PR has been created.

     - More participation from industrial_move maintainers, add new admins to keep development from stagnating.

4  New OMPL interfaces

-	OMPL planner plugin refactoring allows new and existing planner implementation to load their own configuration, allows selecting planner types (joint planner, Cartesian planner) and reuse of configuration spaces.

-	Big internal API change, for external user it should look the same; behavior effectively remains unchanged.

-	Perhaps integrate into melodic?

-	Pull Request is being broken down into smaller PRs.

-	State Space discontinuity has been a long standing issue.

5  Intel

-	Matthew K Hansen and Sharron Liu

-	Focus in enabling ROS 2.0 for industrial applications.  Looking into enabling MoveIt in ROS 2.0

-	ROS2 Grasp Library Presentation:

     - MoveIt Plugin

     - Prototyped GQCNN (originally trained with Tensorflow) grasp method with Interl OpenVINO, 93% success rate was achieved.  Original implementation has UCB license (not-for-profit) so it cannot be used for commercial purposes.

     - Grasp Library Proposal, trained with caffe and RGBD image data.

     - Alternatives to TensorFlow or Caffe Can is OpenVINO which provides hardware acceleration benefits.

     - Goal is to create a ROS 2.0 Grasp Library with the option to enable OpenVIN.  A demo with the UR5 robot that works with MoveIt! will be created and documented

6  World MoveIt! Day

-	Planned for October 25th

-	Lessons learned document from last year is available.

-	Not very well advertised.  Official announcement soon to come.

7  Monthly Meetings

-	Will start scheduling monthly meetings.


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