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Mon Jul 30 10:07:02 UTC 2018

The Autonomous Systems group of Eurecat Technology Center (Barcelona) is looking for a highly motivated researcher to work in the area of aerial robotics. Our group is currently very actively working in synergy with clients on the use of autonomous drones in several applications related to infrastructure inspection and logistics. We also continue to be very active in the framework of several European and national research projects. We are seeking to strength the scientific background of the group in this domain.
Eurecat Technology Centre is specialized in research and development on Mobile and Industrial Robotics and Automation. For over 10 years, the Autonomous Systems group has been involved in the development of autonomous navigation software for aerial and ground mobile robots, developing a large experience in Field and Industrial robotics. As a Technology Centre, we do applied R&D to enhance the capabilities and reliability of autonomous systems operating in realistic scenarios, improving the current methods and enabling new applications. These are the links to some of our current and previous robotics projects sites (only public ones):
  * https://eurecat.org/en/portfolio-items/aerial-robot-for-sewer-inspection/
  * https://eurecat.org/en/portfolio-items/icarus/
  * https://eurecat.org/en/portfolio-items/built2spec-2/
  * https://eurecat.org/en/portfolio-items/nature4cities/
  * https://eurecat.org/en/portfolio-items/geomove/
  * https://eurecat.org/en/portfolio-items/grape/
  * https://eurecat.org/en/portfolio-items/logimatic/
  * https://eurecat.org/en/portfolio-items/maic/
  * https://eurecat.org/en/portfolio-items/bots2rec/
  * https://eurecat.org/es/portfolio-items/mood2be/
Aerial Robotics Researcher
We are looking for highly-skilled roboticists to complete our robotics team. The candidate shall work on both private and public projects (national and European research projects) dealing with aerial robots. The main responsibilities will focus on the scientific contribution and technological developments of our aerial robotics research, for example:
  * Infrastructure inspections with Micro-Aerial Vehicles (MAV) (indoors and outdoors) with special focus on confined GNSS-denied scenarios: galleries, sewers, plants, etc.
  * Sensor-based odometry, SLAM and  navigation for both Micro-Aerial Vehicles (MAV) in logistics, factories and other industrial applications such as transport, monitoring, etc. 
Required skills for both job offers:
  * PhD (or MSc plus equivalent experience) in Robotics or related disciplines
  * Strong scientific background in aerial robots, mostly multirotors
  * Strong scientific background in at least one of the following: SLAM and localization, deep learning, path planning, vision-based robotics and 3D perception.
  * Knowledge about ROS (Robot Operating System) and Computer Vision.
  * Advanced experience with C++, reusable code and software documentation.
  * Team spirit and ability to work independently.
  * Excellent communication skills, flexibility and creativity.
  * Very good knowledge of English is required.
Application Procedure
The job positions are available immediately and are on permanent basis. Salary to be negotiated.
Send the CV and motivation letter as a single PDF by email to daniel.serrano at eurecat.org
Internship positions also available under request.

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