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Lukas Bulwahn ros.discourse at gmail.com
Fri Jun 15 10:11:02 UTC 2018

Hi Lucas,

unfortunately we do not have a tutorial or extensive instructions on that yet, but I am happy to guide you through this. In fact, I was thinking about providing melodic myself, but I am currently still working on getting a new version on kinetic ready. So, it is good that you want to address melodic.

I suggest the following approach:

0. checkout my "kinetic-experimental-v4-work-in-progress-v1" branch; that is a snapshot of the latest kinetic branch that I am still working on.

1. update the ROSDISTRO and a few more places from kinetic to melodic.

2. run update-recipes.py (with my preliminary script-improvement patches) to produce all recipe updates

3. run `bitbake core-image-ros-world` and fix all build issues.

4. clean-up all your commits

For 1., you can look at the commit:


You will simply need to update those places to melodic.

For 2., use the preliminary patches, which you can see at my branch "script-improvements-work-in-progress-v1", to update-recipes.py, to obtain the bash commands to generate the recipe update commits.

For 3., expect many packages to fail, many are probably simple issues,but only a few are really difficult to address.

I recommended to start your work on top of my kinetic-experimental-v4-work-in-progress-v1 branch, as I already resolved all except for one build issues for kinetic.

It would be best if you can share your branch on your fork in github, then I can have a look, test and help you with the build issues you encounter.

If you need any further help, let me know.


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