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gavanderhoorn ros.discourse at gmail.com
Wed Jun 20 06:57:19 UTC 2018

Wow, quite some responses.

First: re: "unproven claims": I deliberately used the words "I've noticed" and nuanced it with "somewhat of". That makes this a personal observation. I'm in a university, so I'm all for hard numbers and facts, but I don't have them. I'm also wondering how I would gather such statistics, as unfortunately Askbot doesn't have a `topic expert` badge.

[quote="TheDash, post:9, topic:5147"]

Or, for individual supporters/not affiliated, maybe those with enough internet points karma (cant remember what ROS answers uses) they can get their ROSCON registration fee waived/top contributors full expense paid and sponsored to come to ROSCON.


Motivation of community members to volunteer for or contribute to certain hard-to-sell tasks is something we're also looking at in the ROSIN Quality Working group sessions (see the [Quality](https://discourse.ros.org/c/quality) category). It's not trivial. Other than financial incentives a lot of things come down to karma or status.

We do get quite some input from companies that they will, as part of their hiring process, look at someones position and contribution to the community. However, this is typically not so much to gauge what sort of nice guy the candidate is, as it is to see what his technical experience is.

re: sponsored ROSCon: that is a nice idea. That could certainly be a nice way to recognise community contributions without resorting to just handing out money.


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