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Wed Jun 20 07:04:43 UTC 2018

[quote="mjyc, post:10, topic:5147, full:true"]
@gavanderhoorn do you have suggestions on how to find questions about

[quote="gavanderhoorn, post:1, topic:5147"]
application design, human-robot interaction, behaviour modelling

in ROS Answers? I've been using ROS for creating interactive behaviors and running HRI experiments last couple years. I've been wanting to answer some questions in ROS Answers but had difficulty in getting started. I understand there are tags, "Sort By", etc., that I could use to navigate the answers but I had difficulty in spending time searching for questions that are in my domain.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated and thanks for staring this thread.

Quite some ROS Answers posts have either:

 - a title that does not accurately (or even at all) reflect the topic / subject of the post
 - a poorly chosen set of tags (the obligatory ROS distro tag has helped a bit here)
 - an [xy-problem](http://xyproblem.info)

This makes it hard to find posts relevant to your topic specifically. I'm afraid I wouldn't know any real tips that solve your problem unfortunately.

Personally I've found just spending 15 mins quickly reading each new question is enough to get a feeling for whether it's something you have an affinity with. I also try to retag questions if I feel that's necessary.


+1000 for wanting to answer questions btw. You must have experience with quite some packages and infrastructure by now. Don't limit yourself to HRI ;)

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