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Asmodehn ros.discourse at gmail.com
Sun May 6 09:45:44 UTC 2018

Hi Everyone,

I finally got around releasing [rostful](https://github.com/pyros-dev/rostful) (REST API for ROS) on kinetic as a ROS package, along with [pyros](https://github.com/pyros-dev/pyros) (Dynamic Python interface for ROS) and other dependencies.

It is released on ROS packaging system via a [Third Party](http://wiki.ros.org/bloom/Tutorials/ReleaseThirdParty) [Release repository](https://github.com/pyros-dev/rostful-rosrelease), therefore it is [directly and easily usable from a ROS environment](http://repositories.ros.org/status_page/ros_kinetic_default.html?q=rostful).

The big change in this release is that rostful is now a pure python web project, [downloadable from PyPI](https://pypi.org/project/rostful/), with the ROS requirements being moved down the dependency tree to a [specific pyros interface package](https://github.com/pyros-dev/pyros-rosinterface).
Other multiprocessing systems could potentially be added ( think twisted and friends - maybe even erlang )

This should hopefully help cleanly integrating python with ROS environments.
Don't hesitate to ask if there is anything you wonder about all this.

Try it out, and send some feedback on [rostful issues](https://github.com/pyros-dev/rostful/issues) 
If you're interested on helping out, make yourself known, as I wont have much time working on it from now on.

Thank you all !

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