[ros-users] [Discourse.ros.org] [ROS-Industrial] Using the Motoman SDA20D Dual-arms DX100 ROS Interface(Indigo)

gavanderhoorn ros.discourse at gmail.com
Wed May 9 06:21:18 UTC 2018

Thanks for the clarification.

If @ted-miller vets your 'trick', it'd be nice if we could get that into MotoROS. You're not the only ones using DX100 controllers with SDA robots, so it'd be nice if we could support that properly. 

[quote="andreaskoepf, post:19, topic:4667"]
we have no limitation of moving the torso of our SDA10D with DX100, e.g. we can move all 15 joints, 7 joints of one arm, 14 joints of two arms, or 8 joints of one arm and torso etc

So just for my own understanding: which group on your controller now controls the `b1` joint? I was under the impression that the DX100 supported up to 2 groups, but you seem to have 3. Or is the 'limitation' in `mpMeiIncrementMove(..)`?

[quote="andreaskoepf, post:19, topic:4667"]
We are using a slightly modified version of the MotoPlus driver and the Motoman ROS backend (e.g. correcting the deserialization of the joint_feedback_ex message, which also other did with some more lines of code as in [Two arms and rail with DX100 PR](https://github.com/ros-industrial/motoman/pull/179/files#diff-6c497a204c71947df371c0ababcc07be).

Yes, we need to get those changes (there are more) merged into `motoman_driver`. They've been sitting in a fork for too long.

Would you be willing to test some candidate fixes on your SDA?

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