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Fri May 25 22:55:39 UTC 2018

[quote="mkhansen, post:4, topic:4884"]
* What map types are you thinking in particular? Google Maps? Non-2D occupation grid maps?

This is a rather ambitious list, and perhaps some of the navigation tasks applicable to these maps types may be too domain specific, but I'll just float some far ideas here:
* Semantically oriented Maps
  * Indexed Points of Interest
    * rondevu points
     * moving goals
  * Labeled region boundaries
     * property borders
     * tolls or crossing costs
     * exclusion zones
  * Annotated Affordances
     * Doos, Elevators, Appliances, Chargers
     * Departments, Faculties
* Vector Maps
  * Floor plans or 3D scale models
    * Google maps/earth
    * Architectural blueprints
  * Roadways maps
    * Turning lanes, intersections, crosswalks, etc
    * Congestion, Traffic density
* Geo Maps
  * Topological
    * Elevation and grade
    * Underwater terrain
  * Weather
    * wind and tide velocities
    * Dynamic time series forecasts
  * Approximate at scale
    * WGS84 vs local cartesian
    * Alternate [Geodetic datum](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geodetic_datum)

I suppose I'd like to see navigation planners that could interoperate map format types that are more memory efficient, compressible, dynamic, human relatable, e.g. less pruly metric based like voxels or occupancy grids. I'd also to see ROS navigation planners generalize beyond the classic 2.5D mobile robot on a planer workspaces or perhaps appropriate other environment data in a map as navigational heuristics like for packbots, quadrotors, ROVs that climb, fly or swim in 6DoF.

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