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Matt Hansen ros.discourse at gmail.com
Thu Nov 1 23:08:36 UTC 2018

Thanks all for attending today. Here are some notes:

Attendees: @mkhansen, @mjeronimo, @cdelsey, @mhpanah, @bpwilcox, @dlu, @mikeferguson, @smac, @IanTheEngineer, @gbiggs     

October recap - https://github.com/ros-planning/navigation2/pulse/monthly
 - Great progress over month of October:
 -- Merged 78 Pull Requests
 -- Closed 42 Issues
 -- Excluding merges, **9 authors** have pushed **169 commits** to master and **170 commits** to all branches. On master, **441 files** have changed and there have been [ **9,131** **additions** and **5,454** **deletion** ](https://github.com/ros-planning/navigation2/compare/master@%7B1538431444%7D...master)
  -- Added Travis CI *and* ROS2 CI (bloom) to the repo

Current Status - 
 - Had basic Navigation working using Gazebo and RVIZ over the ROS1 bridge with Bouncy last week
 - Moved to master branches for all ROS2 packages to get Gazebo in ROS2
- Using turtlebot3_simulations ros2 branch from ROBOTIS
-- able to teleop the robot in the Gazebo simulation using turtlebot3.world
- Running into some issues when running Navigation2
-- some transforms missing: odom -> base_footprint -> base_scan
---- work-around is using static_transform_publisher for now
-- local_costmap seems to be using wall clock time not sim time
---- work around this by using 'ros2 set param local_costmap use_sim_time true'  
- Having issues with Gazebo transforms, publishing 'Z' value as though the robot is falling (gravity)

Behavior Tree / Mission Execution overview - Mike Jeronimo (@mjeronimo )
- Mike will post the files he reviewed later
- Need to use standard ROS messages for Path
- "Tolerance" to a pose should be optional part of the Navigate to Pose message and needs to be x,y,z,r,p,y.
-- Should there be a boolean flag to set to use the tolerance? False = use default?
---- Mike will open an issue for more discussion
-- Tolerance could be available in the BT editor (Groot)
-- Can we add velocity to endpoint (ie. a 'rolling stop')?
---- Need an issue for this also
-- Recovery modes should work by default without need for user configuration 

Global Planning - question from David Lu (@DLu) 
 - Can we re-plan with a new plan every second?
-- Yes, although currently we have to cancel and send a new plan each time
- Should make sure pre-empt option is available that will keep current state
- Will address as part of move to ROS2 Actions

CI - Steve Macenski (@smac) 
- Steve set bloom up for the navigation2 repo
- four packages need to be removed from our ros2 dependencies.repos file before it will fully work:
-- Behavior Tree - uses catkin
-- XMLRPCPP - will be removed (open issue)
-- launch - currently using a patched version due to timing issue
-- message_filters - issue #274

AMCL - Can we remove the rosbag code? Need an issue filed for this

Quote of the Day:
"Never assume the navigation code knows what it's doing" - @DLu

Thanks all for a great meeting!

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