[ros-users] [Discourse.ros.org] [Embedded] RMW-microxrcedds implementation

Borja Outerelo ros.discourse at gmail.com
Mon Nov 5 18:17:34 UTC 2018

Hi @gbiggs.

The correspondence of the libraries with existing ones is:

`microROS/rmw-microxrcedds` <=> `ros2/rmw_fastrtps`
`microROS/rosidl_typesupport_microxrcedds` <=>  `ros2/rosidl_typesupport_fastrtps`

`microROS/micro-ROS-demos` <=> `ros2/demos`
Not really sure about this last one. But, It is just a package with some dummy samples and different likewise "hello world"  code.

`microROS/micro-ROS-Agent` does not have equivalent or similar in ROS 2.

Regarding RCLC. This is just a fork with small modifications. We have some issues with this package while using our cross-compiling toolchain and building on windows. The intention of this fork, besides enabling the compilation, is to expand its implementation to include more of the ROS 2 concepts, thinking on services or timers.
However, this rclc expansion could be stopped, as a few days ago I found that RCLC is listed on Crystal roadmap, https://index.ros.org/doc/ros2/Roadmap/, so ideally we will embrace that future RCLC.

Anybody knows something about that RCLC on the roadmap?.

Hopefully, this answers your questions.

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