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Wed Nov 14 19:59:25 UTC 2018

Torc Robotics is an autonomous vehicle technology firm that has developed a complete self-driving system for consumer automobiles. Located in Blacksburg, VA, Torc is a rapidly expanding company with a passion for commercializing robotic and autonomous technology throughout the automotive, mining and defense markets.

Our goal is a safer commute, a safer work zone, and safer missions. We tackle tough problems head-on. Were looking for talented, driven people who want to roll up their sleeves and make it happen with us.

**About the Role:**

Were looking for software engineering professionals with deep strengths in developing highly performant, highly available software written in modern C++.  Some of the teams you could work with include:

**Path Planning**

As a member of the Planning and Controls team, you'll help build solutions to improve how our vehicles behave in various driving situations.  We'll rely on you to help develop the next generation algorithms while working closely with a team of passionate engineers.    

**Machine Learning**

Machine Learning Team Members will design, develop, and maintain machine learning algorithms for our self-driving vehicles. They will optimize implementation of cutting edge ML systems in object classification, labelling, object detection, and/or prediction


Perception team members will develop and test software components and algorithms for autonomous systems. You'll also be involved in creating systems that detect, classify, segment and predict obstacles in the vehicle's surrounding environment.


Mapping & Visualization team members will be able to design, implement, and improve algorithms used to create and manage map data as well as algorithms used to localize a vehicle within the map in real time.  Additional work in providing visualization solutions for the whole system will also be involved.


* Bachelors degree in Engineering, Computer Science, or related field with GPA above 3.0

* Graduate degree or equivalent experience in working with:

  * Machine Learning

  * Computer Vision

  * Controls

  * Robotics

* Strong math fundamentals

* Experience in the following areas is crucial:

  * Cross-Platform Software Development

  * Multithreaded Software Development

  * Interprocess Communication

* Thorough knowledge and applied experience with C++

* Excellent software design and problem solving skills

* Experience in the following areas is crucial:

  * ROS (Robot Operating System)

  * Algorithms- Localization Algorithms and/or Path Planning Algorithms

  * C++ Libraries: Boost or Qt


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