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Thu Nov 15 08:16:48 UTC 2018

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As an aside, is a soft launch of the new ROS Index site. It is still a beta version under development at [ros-infrastructure/rosindex ](https://github.com/ros-infrastructure/rosindex).

I'd like contribute, but I'm also still a bit confused about the organizational structure and direction of ROS2 documentation. Given that this is a soft launch, the index site will be the main entry point for ROS 2 documentation, plus the new ros2/ros2_documentation repo, some of my decision paralysis arises from:

* What is the expected workflow for contributing new content?
  * E.g. are there templates I should start from, what are the expected conventions?
  * With wiki.ros.org, we used templates for adding packages, tutorials, user guide, etc.
  * How does the previous wiki play into all of this?
* How should authors gauge where to host the candidate documentation?
  *  E.g. should it reside with closest related package?
  * Or when does something warrant being on ros2_documentation?
  * What if we're writing about core ROS2 features?
  * Should it instead be structured the doc folder in the core packages code repo?
* How is ros2_documentation versioned over releases and patches?
  * E.g. allowing users to index through general docs wrt. release history.
  * If I'm writing about features in a specific release, do we meta-tag it somehow?

There looks to be a related ticked addressing the foreboding flat layout:


I guess ROS has always been a bit different in that is not just one cohesive library, nore is merely a package ecosystem; So its difficult to pin down the documentation model to either a monolithic source of knowledge vs a decoupled sprinkling or context specific notes. Even before the index, I've puzzled about the asymmetry of activity and relevance between wiki.ros.org and docs.ros.org.

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