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Geoffrey Biggs via Discourse.ros.org ros.discourse at gmail.com
Tue Feb 5 00:09:15 UTC 2019

A few things off the top of my head that I think we need from one or more simulators. I say "one or more" because it's likely that different simulators will be better at different things.

- Deterministic execution. When executing deterministically, the same starting conditions should give exactly the same results.
- Ability to control the simulation step (pause, step forwards a specific time, step forwards one loop of the control algorithms, run faster than 1:1 time, etc.).
- Headless mode for running as part of a CI pipeline.
- Modular framework (links to the above requirement, but broader). We need to be able to do things like plug in different pedestrian simulation algorithms, different sensor simulation models (even for the same sensor types), and so on.
- Fault simulation in all parts of the car, from wheels to engine to sensors.
- Sensor noise and interference simulation.
- Simulation of different times of day and different weather conditions, including their impact on road conditions and thus the response of the car to control.

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