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Dejan Pangercic via Discourse.ros.org ros.discourse at gmail.com
Tue Feb 5 00:40:44 UTC 2019

@bshin-lge we looked at this extensively couple of months back and we also talked to lots of simulation companies and none could really full-fill what we were asking for.

In short these would be our prioritized requests: 

* Simulation runs can be scripted

* Simulation runs can be parallelized

* Lidar + Camera Sensor models out of the box (including interference as Geoff points out)

* Simulation can happen at faster than real time (and in headless mode as Geoff points out)

* Traffic participants have behavior models

* (Pseudo-)random traffic scene generation. Possibly there is a connection to some database with the pre-configured traffic scenario, e.g. https://www.pegasusprojekt.de/files/tmpl/pdf/AVT%20Symposium%202017%20Database%20traffic%20scenarios_Folien.pdf.

The entire, non-prioritized list would be as follows:

* Computer hardware requirements for simulation should be listed

* Interfaces (mocks) supported by simulation (CAN, ethernet, )

* Crisply defined software APIs

* Support/integration for ROS. **Here I would like to point to this discussion** https://github.com/CPFL/Autoware/issues/1724#issuecomment-443079012 that we already had with LG guys and I felt that our opinion was not really taken seriously.

* Fidelity of sensor models

  * E.g. do you accurately model different surface reflectivity/absorptivity, incidence angle, etc...

* How to create our own sensor models?

* Map formats supported

* Maps that come with it?

* How to include our own maps?

* Precision/ real-time capabilities in general

* Use for stress testing, e.g. an extremely high sensor load (>10 cameras, >10 lidars, etc) in realtime, precision/ real-time capabilities/guarantees during stress testing

* Can simulation run in faster than real time?

* How is the behavior of other cars governed in simulation?

  * Are there API’s/plugins that we can define to modify this behavior

* How are traffic scenarios generated?

* Is there any randomness in the simulations?

  * If yes, can we specify sources of randomness?

* Is there collision detection?

* Can simulation run in a headless state?

  * E.g. Can it run without a GUI?

* Can we programmatically access the simulation state?

  * Or do we have to interact via filesystem (e.g. xml)

* Are car dynamics simulated?

  * E.g. suspension, slip etc...

* Can the simulator be integrated with the CI runner and does it output simulation/test results in e.g. junit format for test result validation?


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