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Fri Feb 22 13:08:59 UTC 2019

This week, we would like to share with you a ROS project created by [Husarion](https://husarion.com/): **the object search tutorial.**

This ROSject shows how to use a wheeled robot (a ROSbot) to search for specific objects in a given area. In their own words:

> **Object search task** defines a mission in which robot has to **explore environment while observing if given object exists in explored area**. For this purpose it is necessary to use two different approaches, one for exploration and second for object recognition. [...] Besides launching them together, it is **necessary to keep track of which obstacles were checked** by the object recognition process. Task is considered as finished when object is succesfully recognized or all obstacles were checked with no object detection.

You can get the whole code, simulation and notebook with instructions (everything running off-the-shelf), by [clicking on this link](http://www.rosject.io/l/391928fd-5aa5-4892-a3aa-fbc37440e6d5/). 

Let us know if you are missing any feature in the project or if you would like to contribute to make it better.


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