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[quote="esteve, post:4, topic:7950"]

Its not a big thing in Europe either, but AVP is an excellent usecase for Autoware.Auto (and Autoware.AI):

* Not on public roads, so while safety is still important, we are minimizing risks, and permits and insurance are hopefully easier to obtain.

* Low speeds.

* Maps for the most part dont change.

* Very few pedestrians.

* No cyclists.

* We have partners within the foundation that are already working on AVP as a product/service (e.g. Parkopedia), so we can leverage their expertise.

* Simpler to simulate.

* It is a useful and real usecase, its not a synthetic demo that wont have any kind of impact.


That all sounds good to me.

[quote="esteve, post:4, topic:7950"]

@Brian_Holt wrote a great article detailing why AVP is the most likely self-driving technology to be deployed in real cars in the short/medium term [http://avp-project.uk/why-autonomous-valet-parking ](http://avp-project.uk/why-autonomous-valet-parking)


Having read that, I can see more of a use case for it in Japan too, now. Outside of the centre of major urban areas like Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka, there are enough large shopping centres where not having to park your car itself would be nice. Even the centre of a reasonably large city like Hamamatsu has enough large carparks that would benefit from such a feature.

@Brian_Holt, given you wrote that article, I'm interested in your thoughts on [this opinion piece](https://arstechnica.com/cars/2019/02/googles-waymo-risks-repeating-silicon-valleys-most-famous-blunder/).

[quote="Brian_Holt, post:5, topic:7950"]

Id be happy to discuss maps with other providers, it makes sense for us to try to develop a common standard that Autoware can use.


Please do so and let us know how you get on. I get the feeling that this is one thing we need to move rapidly on. At the very least the AWF needs to be involved in any discussion that happens.


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