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Mon Feb 25 07:27:44 UTC 2019

[quote="Dejan_Pangercic, post:1, topic:7969"]
Someone (e.g. @kfunaoka?) needs to become an ultimate gate keeper. None of the PRs can be merged without his approval.

We are working on this. We just discussed it a couple of hours ago as regards our internal processes.

Although originally I was supposed to be that gatekeeper person, I'm trying to put as much of my time into Autoware.Auto as possible. I'm less concerned about code quality in Autoware.AI than I am in Autoware.Auto at the current time.

Until Autoware.AI gets to the point where it's just a branding and I can manage it without taking up half my time (or more!),  we need a process that ensures PRs are good and meet certain basic conditions before they get accepted, without taking up an entire full time developer's life.

I'm hoping we can set up a "everyone owns the code" situation with a few senior people controlling merging and everyone doing reviews. Ideally I want people developing in their own forks and pulling from those rather than the current mess of branches. Especially experimental things should not get into the mainline until we have confidence from *somewhere* that they are not going to break everything.

[quote="Dejan_Pangercic, post:1, topic:7969"]
10. There are currently 238 opened issues and 68 opened PRs. Someone (e.g. @kfunaoka?) should go through and clean them up a bit?

Doing a triage meeting has been on my todo list since the second day I was here.

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