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Tue Feb 26 09:14:05 UTC 2019

[quote="gbiggs, post:2, topic:7969"]

Although originally I was supposed to be that gatekeeper person, Im trying to put as much of my time into Autoware.Auto as possible. Im less concerned about code quality in Autoware.AI than I am in Autoware.Auto at the current time.


We still need to put Autoware.AI in check, it'd be great if someone kept an eye on the code, since the current process hasn't prevented untested contributions from being merged. From the Autoware.Auto team we need Autoware.AI to have a cleaner roadmap and more controlled development process so that we can plan Autoware.Auto accordingly, especially once it becomes a a dependency of Autoware.AI.

Moroever, many users are still using Autoware.AI and they are not ready to spend time to work on Autoware.Auto, so unless Autoware.AI improves their development process (e.g. more documentation, tests, not changing interfaces in every release, etc.), we risk our current users becoming increasingly frustrated and losing interest in Autoware.Auto in the future.


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