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Wed Feb 27 00:26:52 UTC 2019

[quote="esteve, post:2, topic:7976"]

For 1.11 well most likely also have to:

* Either remove `industrial_ci` or add support for `colcon` to it (unlikely)

* Remove `catkin_make` (deprecated in 1.10) from the scripts and announce `colcon` as the only supported build tool


I've added these. Let me know if you want them added in a different way.

[quote="esteve, post:3, topic:7976"]

The libymc_can library cant be used in Melodic because Ubuntu 18.04 requires PIC libraries, however we only have a binary and not the source code. Wed have to ask Yamaha (IIRC) to provide us with an updated binary.


Added, although we need to discuss which route to take. Do you know who (at Tier IV, I guess) is responsible for getting the binary from Yamaha?

[quote="maximosipov, post:4, topic:7976, full:true"]

It would be great to update documentation in 1.11 to include Gitlab CI testing requirements and also describe some basic integration testing, for example using a simulator


I don't think that will happen for 1.11, but I've put it as an item for 1.12.


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