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**_Application/Product:_** Embedded software/firmware for an AI-based industrial robotics system, with an optics/sensor component

**_Short Description:_** Robotics Embedded Software Engineer

**_Job Description:_** SQA is helping a Boston-based robotics company accelerate their ability to iterate on the testing of system processing capabilities and performance through the implementation of a test automation framework. While development of an end-to-end test automation capability is the logical ultimate goal, the scope of this project focuses initially on automating two testing objectives for the Vision (Perception) subsystem: 

1.	Verification of Sensor Abstraction layer inputs and outputs in terms of: 



	Speed (i.e., latency), and 


2.	Automation of the Calibration Process 

While live feed analysis test automation is an eventual goal, it is not in scope for this effort. However, live data sets will be collected and saved during this effort to contribute to analysis testing at a later point. 

We're seeking a Robotics Embedded Software Engineer who will, in collaboration with our Test Automation Architect and our client's team of Robotics, Software, and Systems Engineers, be responsible for implementing an approach (design, architecture) to accomplish the above, initially in the course of two 6-week phases.

**_Critical Success Factors:_** 

* Expert in: 

- Building and integrating embedded software into a shippable robotics platform using the ROS/Catkin toolset (2+ years) 

- Validating client specific configurations 

- Building self-test capability into the end product 

Background in and experience with: 

* 2+ years of ROS/Catkin experience 

* 2+ years Object-Oriented Programming 

* Robotics applications development, even if not sensors 

* Computer Systems Engineering, as opposed to pure software 

* Understanding that this software ultimately will be driving hardware 

* Sensor fusion and sensor input simulation to software systems 

* Working in a Scrum Agile environment


* Experience working with optics applications 

* Experience with manipulation of large data sets 

* Experience working with electrical and mechanical engineers in a lab type environment 

* Experience with Squish UI testing tool (for integrating and expanding the Squish suite for the 2 UIs) 

* Comfortable participating in interactive design sessions with robotics engineers 

* Experience working with a Client Support team to define and execute a configuration test plan to verify readiness for a particular client's application 

* Experience working in a highly technical startup 

* Experience integrating test into a CI/CD pipeline 

* Defining a calibration and certification program

**_Technical Environment:_** C++ and Python


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