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Thu Jan 31 18:36:16 UTC 2019

Hej guys,

We are working on a project for visualizing ROS-Data, supporting current AR/ VR devices like the Hololens and Rift.

The Project is built on the ROS Sharp framework (https://github.com/siemens/ros-sharp) and we plan to include DDS at some point when we got it running.

Those are our set goals for the project:


The software module should provide a stable communication link between the Unity

application running on AR/VR gear (Hololens) and ROS, enabling to send and receive live


 **Support of AR/VR gear**

The module should already support current off-the shelf AR/VR gear. We start to integrate

the Microsoft Hololens, but plan also to use HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.


We want to demonstrate the capabilities of AR/VR interfaces for a ROSin running robot

by documenting a showcase an providing tutorials for setup and use.

 **Interface toolkit**

The software should include a toolkit for building AR/VR interfaces to the robot (roughly

in the direction of rviz for AR/VR)

 **Multi-User support**

The software should be able to enabling multiple users to see the same virtual content,

so they can use this information for discussions.

The project still in development, but feel free to check it out:


Best regards :)


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